Third Trimester: The Lowdown


  Yes, I skipped writing about the second trimester as a whole; probably due to the fact that it was complete and utter bliss compared to what’s going on now. Don’t get me wrong, I still feel incredibly thankful to have experienced such a smooth pregnancy (knock on wood). I have certainly had some of the unpleasant symptoms, but from what I have heard some friends going through, I consider myself lucky. The second trimester I just felt really… normal. I had energy again, I was finally able to eat whatever I wanted without feeling a wave of nausea, and I even sometimes forgot I was pregnant and would flop down on the bed on my stomach (ouch!) or try to pull on some of my old jeans absentmindedly. HA! That was short lived.

 Fast forward to the third trimester, which began in late August. I still felt pretty good through the first few weeks, then about mid September, things started to get real. The selection of clothing that fit, and looked cute was dwindling fast. I have about 8 hangers in the front of my closet that I have been rotating, dresses and the largest pair of maternity jeans in my arsenal. Tops are annoying. They are either the tee shirts with elastic on the side (ugh), tank tops and kimonos (if I never see another kimono, I will be just fine!), or giant tunic or poncho tops that are super comfy, but make me look like the side of a barn. You really almost want a fitted top at this point, to prove that you still have some shape! So clothing is annoying, but it’s not a huge deal. img_0444img_0383

Let’s get on to the good stuff. I cannot even read a sentence aloud without stopping to catch my breath. Little girl is all up in my lung space, and the stairs in our house are just about to kill me. My husband jaunts up the stairs and I’m on step number 3. If I try to go up quickly, I regret it. I try to have water and a pack of peanut butter crackers handy AT. ALL. TIMES. The thirst and extreme hunger and unbelievable. I constantly think, “How can I be hungry? I JUST ate”. No joke. So, just plan to have food available everywhere, all the time. You will feel like you are so full you should not be hungry for days, but one hour later, you’ll be searching for snacks. Promise. And those bras you bought at the beginning of pregnancy? Too small. And I keep hearing just wait until your milk comes in. Grrrreeeat. How many sizes of maternity and nursing bras does one need?! I would say three. My back hurts. I can’t stay in a comfortable sleeping position for more than a couple hours it seems. I sweat profusely while sleeping. My skin is terrible. It’s 88 degrees this week in Nashville. In mid October. Insert tank top + kimono + eye roll here. Please little girl, come a couple weeks early. Mommy needs some relief.

I imagine the moment I see her little face, and fingers and toes, my heart will melt and I will forget all of these inconveniences. There will be new inconveniences, but they won’t matter. Dry shampoo, concealer and comfy flats will be everyday luxuries for a little while, and the little bundle that we will call our DAUGHTER (I almost cry just typing the word) will make it all disappear. Feeling her move is the coolest thing ever. We live to hear her heartbeat at the doctor every month. We get more excited about ultrasounds than we did going to a great concert just a year ago. Her room is ready, all of her little gowns are washed and neatly folded, diapers stacked, hospital bag packed. These next few weeks I will wait, and practice patience. And remind myself each time one of these little inconveniences arise that I complain about, it’s just a stepping stone, one step closer to meeting our Vivi. 



When Skinny Jeans are Too Skinny


Skinny jeans are our friend; that is, if we are mindful of a few very important factors when buying. Each brand is different, and even each style within that brand is different. Some have more spandex or elastane, some are cut differently, and some colors even look different in the same style. The worst thing a person can do when shopping for skinnies is get stuck in the mindset that they are one size across the board. This ignorant way of thinking can cost you in dollars, self esteem, and appearance. For example, I am typically a size 6. However, if the jeans have more stretch, and are in a darker color, I could possibly do a 4. If the jeans are white, forget it, I am going up to an 8 and tailoring in the waist. I cannot chance them being so tight that one can see cellulite or unsightly tight lines across the back of my jeans. I would much prefer to have some room in my jeans by the end of the day rather than be squeezed in. My dad used to call my jeans spray paint in high school- ladies, it was not a compliment. Let’s buy the size up and get on with it. You know you want the pasta at dinner, and not that boring salad. Buy jeans to fit your life, don’t fit your life to your ideal size jeans. Those jeans will break your heart every time. And PS- sizing up in jeans will actually make you look smaller, when tailored to fit. Moving on…! Let’s take a look at some examples of skinny jeans done right…

light skinnies

skinny back


 Remember, the mirror doesn’t lie. Check yourself out, and decide what looks best. Ignore the size! Roll or hem your skinnies to hit just above your ankle bone and add a heel for the most flattering results if you’re vertically challenged. Longer tops work great over white jeans if you’re a little unsure if they’re too tight. Don’t be afraid to rock skinnies, just make sure you buy the size that fits best, tailor them a little if necessary, and style to your liking!

First Trimester Necessities

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I just came out of the woods of my first trimester. Now at 16.5 weeks, I can finally say that I have energy and an appetite again. Whew! That was a rough couple of months. I found a great deal of solace in reading blogs about the first trimester, what others were experiencing, what they found helped, etc. I figured it couldn’t hurt to offer my own advice on the matter. Everybody is different, and experiences pregnancy differently, but chances are pretty good that you will deal with some nausea and exhaustion. Those were the two killers for me. From the start I was so tired every day. I woke up and got ready for work, then was almost panting with exhaustion before I even left the house, just from waking up and doing my morning routine. Nausea was worst in the morning and at night. At first, I had a bad case of night sickness. Then, my doctor said it was okay to take Unisom, and that it would not only help me sleep, but help with nausea. I took it for about two weeks straight and slept like a rock. Then, I realized it was worsening my morning exhaustion by giving me a hangover, so I started trying nights without it. At first it was worth it to me to feel like a zombie in the morning just to get a good night’s sleep sans night sickness. Then, as I started to gradually feel better, I didn’t need it. I learned that if I ate a cup of cereal right before bed, and one the minute I hit the floor in the morning, the nausea wasn’t so bad. The key was always keeping something on my stomach. If I waited more than 2 hours to eat throughout the day, I began to feel sick. I actually lost about 8 pounds in the first trimester just because I had zero appetite. This is completely normal. I only wanted bland food. Chick-fil-A, Stouffer’s mac and cheese, and Special K cereal were mainstays. But, I didn’t want a lot of anything. Week 15 I finally stayed late at work one night and didn’t even realize what time it was! I was so happy! Usually, every day around 2 or 3 I began to feel so wiped out all I wanted to do was go home and nap.


A few things I found particularly helpful during the first trimester: 1. La Croix Sparkling Water– lime and mango, particularly. Guzzling straight water often made me feel more nauseous, but staying hydrated is key- pregnant or not, so I was careful to get plenty of water each day. La Croix on ice with a straw was my magic solution that made water bearable.  2. Stretchy Bras – Your whole body just feels weird and achy as it changes, and sore boobs were a killer. My favorite underwire bra was suddenly very uncomfortable. I opted for soft, stretchy bras like the one above from Gap. If you find it in stock, grab one or two! They’re often on sale, and often out of stock. 3. Grapefruit Oil– a friend of mine gave me a care package including grapefruit essential oil, and said that it helped her tremendously through nausea. Any time I began to feel icky, I took a few deep breaths of the grapefruit oil until I could get food, and it helped! 4. Lipstick – Chances are you just won’t feel like yourself during this time. All I wanted to do was lay around and be lazy; after all your body is doing a lot of work during this time. You are forming a human being! Still so crazy to think about. Lipstick will do wonders. Even if you don’t feel up to throwing on heels or a cute outfit, putting lipstick on will kick up your jeans and tee a notch, and make you feel happier just looking a little more alive. Anything you can do to boost your spirits a little will help.

One of the hardest things during this time is that a) you’re not “supposed” to tell people until around 12 weeks, and b) you’re probably not really showing yet, so all of the people around you just wonder why you’re wimping out on life and feeling bad every day. We told close family really early, and realized that we could go ahead and tell the people who we would want to tell if we had a miscarriage. I guess that’s the main reasoning in waiting 12 weeks to tell, because doctors say your chances of a miscarriage go down after that point. Overall, it’s totally a personal preference, and you should do what feels right. I ended up trickling it to friends before 12 weeks because they were so confused as to why I was “so tired”, and it’s just a fun thing to share! I hope some of these tips help. Any questions? Just ask in the comments below or on the ask tab!