Third Trimester: The Lowdown

by clare


  Yes, I skipped writing about the second trimester as a whole; probably due to the fact that it was complete and utter bliss compared to what’s going on now. Don’t get me wrong, I still feel incredibly thankful to have experienced such a smooth pregnancy (knock on wood). I have certainly had some of the unpleasant symptoms, but from what I have heard some friends going through, I consider myself lucky. The second trimester I just felt really… normal. I had energy again, I was finally able to eat whatever I wanted without feeling a wave of nausea, and I even sometimes forgot I was pregnant and would flop down on the bed on my stomach (ouch!) or try to pull on some of my old jeans absentmindedly. HA! That was short lived.

 Fast forward to the third trimester, which began in late August. I still felt pretty good through the first few weeks, then about mid September, things started to get real. The selection of clothing that fit, and looked cute was dwindling fast. I have about 8 hangers in the front of my closet that I have been rotating, dresses and the largest pair of maternity jeans in my arsenal. Tops are annoying. They are either the tee shirts with elastic on the side (ugh), tank tops and kimonos (if I never see another kimono, I will be just fine!), or giant tunic or poncho tops that are super comfy, but make me look like the side of a barn. You really almost want a fitted top at this point, to prove that you still have some shape! So clothing is annoying, but it’s not a huge deal. img_0444img_0383

Let’s get on to the good stuff. I cannot even read a sentence aloud without stopping to catch my breath. Little girl is all up in my lung space, and the stairs in our house are just about to kill me. My husband jaunts up the stairs and I’m on step number 3. If I try to go up quickly, I regret it. I try to have water and a pack of peanut butter crackers handy AT. ALL. TIMES. The thirst and extreme hunger and unbelievable. I constantly think, “How can I be hungry? I JUST ate”. No joke. So, just plan to have food available everywhere, all the time. You will feel like you are so full you should not be hungry for days, but one hour later, you’ll be searching for snacks. Promise. And those bras you bought at the beginning of pregnancy? Too small. And I keep hearing just wait until your milk comes in. Grrrreeeat. How many sizes of maternity and nursing bras does one need?! I would say three. My back hurts. I can’t stay in a comfortable sleeping position for more than a couple hours it seems. I sweat profusely while sleeping. My skin is terrible. It’s 88 degrees this week in Nashville. In mid October. Insert tank top + kimono + eye roll here. Please little girl, come a couple weeks early. Mommy needs some relief.

I imagine the moment I see her little face, and fingers and toes, my heart will melt and I will forget all of these inconveniences. There will be new inconveniences, but they won’t matter. Dry shampoo, concealer and comfy flats will be everyday luxuries for a little while, and the little bundle that we will call our DAUGHTER (I almost cry just typing the word) will make it all disappear. Feeling her move is the coolest thing ever. We live to hear her heartbeat at the doctor every month. We get more excited about ultrasounds than we did going to a great concert just a year ago. Her room is ready, all of her little gowns are washed and neatly folded, diapers stacked, hospital bag packed. These next few weeks I will wait, and practice patience. And remind myself each time one of these little inconveniences arise that I complain about, it’s just a stepping stone, one step closer to meeting our Vivi.